What is Drama?

What is Drama?

Drama is an exclusive tool to explore as well as express human feeling.

Drama is usually an essential form of behaviour overall cultures, it is the fundamental human activity.

In such a site we are examining the benefits Drama will surely have on child development when applied functionally the next primary classroom. Drama possesses the potential, as the diverse medium, to increase cognitive, affective and engine development.

A high amount of thinking, feeling and moving will be involved and subsequently aids in the introduction of skills for all alternative learning within and without using schools (transfer of learning).

Drama is really a discrete skill in once more (acting, theatre, refined skill), therefore it is offered like a 'subject' in secondary education. However Drama is also an instrument which is flexible, versatile and applicable among every area of the curriculum. Through its application like a tool in the major classroom, Drama can become experienced by all babies.

Drama assists in the introduction of:

the use of creativity
powers of creative self applied expression
decision making as well as problem solving skills
and idea of self and the globe
self confidence, asense with worth and respect as well as consideration for others.

This SACSA Framework defines Performance as:

'the enactment with real and imagined occasions through role-play, play creating and performances, enabling persons and groups to investigate, shape and represent suggestions, feelings and their implications in symbolic or impressive form.

Types with Drama

There are many sorts of Drama. Here is a non-exhaustive list which includes a simple explanation of just about every:

Improvisation / Let's Imaginary

A scene is fixed, either by the teacher or trained, and then with no time to prepare the script the students perform prior to class.

Role Plays

Students are made a particular role within a scripted play. After rehearsal the play is performed to the class, school or mother and father.


Children use only facial expressions and body gestures to pass on the message tcript to the remaining class.

Masked Drama

The chief props are masks. Children then feel less inhibited to do and overact while starting this form of performance.

Children are given specific parts to try out with a formal script. Using only their voices they need to create the full picture for the remaining class. Interpreting content as well as expressing it using merely the voice.

Puppet Takes on

Children use puppets to convey and do thngs they may feel too inhibited to convey or do themselves.

Operation Poetry

While reciting a poem trained are encourage to act out the storyplot from the poem.

The airwaves Drama

Similar to script reading using the addition of other seem affects, The painting from the mental picture is necessary

Hendry James - American student of religion and social problems

Here's an article that discusses the figure character named "Henry James" with the title "James, Henry, American student of religion and social problems"
Hendry James
Henry James, 1905.
Smith College Archives/photograph by Katherine E. McClellan
James, Henry, American student of religion and social problems
James, Henry, 1811–82, American student of religion and social problems. Albany, N.Y.; father of the philosopher William James and of the novelist Henry James

He rebelled against the strict Calvinist theology of his family and of Princeton Theological Seminary, to which he was sent, and sought a personal solution. Swedenborg's teachings opened for him a way and provided the framework for his own thought as expressed in Substance and Shadow; or, Morality and Religion in Their Relation to Life (1863), Society the Redeemed Form of Man, and the Earnest of God's Omnipotence in Human Nature (1879), and other books. He later developed a social philosophy based upon the principles of Charles Fourier. He was a close friend of many literary figures, including Ralph Waldo Emerson and Thomas Carlyle.

James, Henry, American novelist and critic
James, Henry, 1843–1916, American novelist and critic, b. New York City. A master of the psychological novel, James was an innovator in technique and one of the most distinctive prose stylists in English.

He was the son of Henry James, Sr., a Swedenborgian theologian, and the brother of William James, the philosopher. Educated privately by tutors in Europe and the United States, he entered Harvard law school in 1862. Encouraged by William Dean Howells and other members of the Cambridge literary circle in the 1860s, James wrote critical articles and reviews for the Atlantic Monthly, a periodical in which several of his novels later appeared in serial form. He made several trips to Europe, and while there he became associated with such notable literary figures as Turgenev and Flaubert. In 1876 he settled permanently in London and became a British subject in 1915.

James devoted himself to literature and travel, gradually assuming the role of detached spectator and analyst of life. In his early novels, including Roderick Hudson (1876), The American (1877), Daisy Miller (1879), and The Portrait of a Lady (1881), as well as some of his later work, James contrasts the sophisticated, though somewhat staid, Europeans with the innocent, eager, though often brash, Americans. In the novels of his middle period, The Bostonians (1886), The Princess Casamassima (1886), and The Tragic Muse (1890), he turned his attention from the international theme to reformers, revolutionaries, and political aspirants.

During and after an unsuccessful six-year attempt (1889–95) to win recognition as a playwright, James wrote a series of short, powerful novels, including The Aspern Papers (1888), What Maisie Knew (1897), The Spoils of Poynton (1897), The Turn of the Screw (1898), and The Sacred Fount (1901). In his last and perhaps his greatest novels, The Wings of the Dove (1902), The Ambassadors (1903), and The Golden Bowl (1904), all marked by a return to the international theme, James reached his highest development in the portrayal of the intricate subtleties of character and in the use of a complex, convoluted style to express delicate nuances of thought.

Perhaps more than any previous writer, James refined the technique of narrating a novel from the point of view of a character, thereby laying the foundations of modern stream of consciousness fiction. The series of critical prefaces he wrote for the reissue of his novels (beginning in 1907) won him a reputation as a superb technician. He is also famous for his finely wrought short stories, including "The Beast in the Jungle" and "The Real Thing," which are masterpieces of the genre. In addition to fiction and literary criticism, James wrote several books on travel and three autobiographical works. He never married.

source: http://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/James,+Henry

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