Movie Star : Sherina and Tantri

Sherina and Tantri have similarity profession, that is singer. Both sing pop songs, but they also have differences, among them : Sherina is a solo singer, and Tantri is a singer of the band. Tantri prefer to sing rock songs, while Sherina prefer to sing melodies. Sherina's voice tends to clear and melodious, while Tantri’voice tends hoarse - husky wet and louder. Sherina is a famous artist since she was a child, while Tantri is a new artist. In addition to the field of singing clever, Sherina is also clever in the field of cinema. Tantri is the vocals of the Kotak Band formed at the Dream Band on September 27, 2004. Both are artist superstar. They are very popular in Indonesia because they have best voice. Although they have similarity profession, but they support each other.

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